About us

Here at Kush Kitchen Oils, our friends ask us all the time about infusing foods at home.  They need a quick and easy way to infuse their own savory creations without all the fuss of cooking their own edibles from scratch.  

Our answer?  Kush Kitchen Flavored Oils!  We take all-natural ingredients like lemon peel, crushed red chilis, or garlic and capture their essence with the health benefits of pure grapeseed oil. 

Finally, we infuse it with just the right amount of premium cannabis extract and—Viola! the perfect flavors for you to finish your own culinary creations.  Just add a few drops and serve!  Enhance your salad dressing?  Maybe a few drops on some scrambled eggs?  The only limit is your imagination!

Garlic–  Fresh roasted garlic oil, great for finishing pastas, rice dishes, or just on a bit of toast.

Chili–  This one’s spicy!  Perfect for pizza, pasta, mexican, thai, anything you want to give a little kick.

Flavorless –  Pure and flavor-neutral grapeseed oil with a THC infusion.  Use to finish anything (and everything!)

Lime – Our lime flavored tincture has a fresh and cheerful aroma. If you are a fan of fruity or sweet drinks, lime tincture is your new best friend. Add a zesty, natural flavor to your favorite beers, cocktails, shrimp, and more!